Is Your Home's Wiring a Little Wonky?

Electrical repair services in Fair Oaks, Folsom & El Dorado Hills, CA

Faulty switches and sockets aren't just an inconvenience. They could be signs of a wiring problem. Parker Electric Services Inc. offers electrical repair work in El Dorado Hills, Folsom & Rancho Cordova, California and the surrounding area. Count on our team to diagnose the problem and fix it straightaway.

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What's causing your home's electrical trouble?

Even seemingly simple electrical problems can signal an underlying problem. Call for professional electrical repair services if your...

  • Electrical outlets aren't working: This could be caused by an overheated wire or loose connections.
  • Lights are flickering: Damaged wire connections at the switch can cause power fluctuations.
  • Circuit breakers keep tripping: You might need an electrical panel upgrade.
Our clients trust us to tell them what's really wrong instead of trying to sell them unnecessary upgrades. You can, too.

Parker Electric Services is based in El Dorado Hills, Folsom & Rancho Cordova, California and provides electrical repair services in the nearby area.